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Air conditioning is a critical component in the HVAC-R industry, and essential to the comfort of your home, office or commercial building.

PLASAIR is equipped to handle all of your air conditioning needs, from domestic split systems to large-scale commercial chillers.

If you’re based in Albury, Wodonga, Riverina NSW or Northern NSW, get in touch to find out her we can help you.

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Air Conditioning

Our Services:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Servicing
  • Maintenance
In Room Air Conditioning

Prompt, Reliable Service

Commercial air conditioning

If you run a large commercial building like a shopping centre or apartment complex, we know that air conditioning should be the least of your worries. That’s why PlasAir can oversee all of your air conditioning needs — from design to maintenance — so you can concentrate on managing your premises and leave air conducting to the experts.

Residential air conditioning

Whether it’s your existing family home, or you’re building the new home of your dreams, PlasAir can help you achieve the perfect temperature all year round.

Ducted air conditioning

From quiet operation and optimum temperature, ducted air conditioning is the solution of choice from home and business owners all over Australia. It gives you to option to ‘zone’ areas of your home or building and efficiently reach your ideal temperature.

Split System air conditioning

A trusted option for home and business owners, split system air conditioning is economical and ideal for moderating the temperature of a room or specific area.

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